People of Note

A Bristol community choir since 2000


People of Note is a Bristol choir led by Nickomo and Rasullah Clarke meeting either on Tuesday evenings in Southville or Wednesday evenings in Clifton.

Our choir is open to all - there is no audition, no need to read music or any need to feel you are a strong singer. All newcomers are welcome to join us for a free taster session.

People of Note sing songs that will uplift, heal, inspire, and challenge the choir. Life can be tough and we believe singing is a good way of reconnecting with a sense of joy and empowerment. All of the songs are taught in four part harmony - bass, tenor, alto and soprano - and you can choose the part which is most comfortable for you.

Nickomo is a musician, singer, composer and choir leader and is well known for his ‘Harmonic Temple’ songs which are sung all over the world.  Most of the songs the choir sings are arranged by Nickomo and many other community choirs also sing his arrangments. Nickomo has produced a number of books of music and CDs of his arrangements and original material.

Rasullah has been leading the choir with Nickomo since 2009. She offers a light caring touch, a clear voice and a patient teaching style.