From informal gatherings to sold-out concerts, there are many opportunities to perform as part of People of Note.

Summer Concert

In the past, the choir have used St George’s as the venue for their summer concert for many years because of its wonderful acoustics and atmosphere. The event has always been a celebration and is supported by an appreciative audience of all ages. The evening is rounded off by a rousing informal sing in the bar downstairs.

Every year they present an entirely new repertoire of songs of astonishing variety including popular music from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, contemporary choir compositions, and songs from around the world. Audiences are consistently amazed by the quality of performance, and uplifted by the joy and exuberance of the choir.
— St George's website

The next Summer Concert will be on Saturday 1st July 2018. This will take place at the Redgrave Theatre in Clifton as St George’s will be closed for refurbishment.

Built in 1966 the Redgrave was originally known simply as the ‘Clifton College Theatre’. The design was based on the Mermaid Theatre in London and was the first purpose built school theatre in the country. 

The theatre was officially opened by the actor Sir Michael Redgrave - an ex-student of the college.  After Sir Michael's death in 1985 the building was renamed ‘The Redgrave Theatre’ in his honour.

Originally the theatre was only used for college events, but in the 1970’s the decision was made for the theatre to be hired out to local amateur dramatic groups during the holidays.

Since then the popularity of the Redgrave has continued to grow. Today, as well as continuing to host some of the same amateur dramatics groups that first visited the theatre back in the 70's, the theatre plays host to a variety of professional touring companies, comedians, film societies, music concerts and dance pieces.

Choir Convention at St George's

In Spring every year, People of Note take part in one of the South West Community Choirs conventions. These are organised by Nick Petts, who co-founded People of Note choir back in 2000 with Nickomo, and co-led it with him until Autumn 2009.

At the Choir Convention, St George’s is filled with singers from Natural Voice Choirs like People of Note. The afternoon is spent singing together and in the evening there is a concert in which the choirs perform to each other.

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During the 15 years that the People of Note choir have been singing together, the many friendships that have emerged have bonded into an extensive supportive community. In 2004 the members created their own organisation within the choir called PONITA.

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Voice CampS

The Unicorn Village Camp takes place in August at a beautiful campsite in Bradford-on-Avon and is a great way of deepening friendships and getting your family involved too. 

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The Whitsun Voice Camp in Dorset takes place in May and is also popular with members of People of Note.