Amazing range of songs and inspirational teaching! If you’re looking for a choir in Bristol you absolutely have to give this one a go!
— Stuart
I joined the choir three years ago and have enjoyed every moment since. Great songs with brilliant arrangements, inspired leadership and lots and lots of fun! Song and laughter is definitely what makes the world go round!
— Nigel
I was thrown out of my school choir when I was 12, and told in front of the class that I couldn’t sing. Joining PON, I have had wonderful teaching from Nickomo and Rasullah, and I’ve found my voice. To discover the joy of singing with their help has been marvellous and great fun.
— Sarah
I have had the privilege of being a member of people of note for many years. In this time I have really loved singing and performing with this diverse group. When I started I would never of had the confidence to get up and sing in front of an audience, so I have loved singing at such places as St George and the Colston Hall! Nickomo and Rasullah share their musical expertise with generosity and good humour. I look forward to more years of sharing music together!
— Iria
I have been a member of People of Note since the year 2000, when it began. At that stage, I hadn’t sung since school, and didn’t really feel that I was a singer. Nickomo and Rasullah have taught me so much - how to breath, how to keep pitch, how to listen and blend with the choir. My confidence has grown and grown. Singing and learning with others is such a gas. Tired at the end of a working day, I pluck myself off the sofa for two hours of joy and concentration. I come home exhilarated and energised. After such a long time in the choir, I never tire of the huge variety of material that we do, including Nickomo’s interesting and amazing arrangements of songs.
— Sarah